You Are Welcome


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You Are Welcome

Words by Abhishekh Pathak

04 Jan 2017 is the best thing since sliced bread. -Barack Obama

Congratulations! Not for coming to this website but for investing in yourself. No matter who you are, you are about to see something new, useful of course. So this site is, heck, not a coursebook, definitely not a news portal but a place which will give you a solid and clear knowledge about how things that are done in Silimandu Valley (¬‿¬) from scratch regardless of your current level of education or business experience.

Why read us?

Since you’ve made this far, chances are you want to make something important happen, start a business, or create something new in this world but it’s likely that few things are holding you back from achieving your dream (ง’̀-‘́)ง . We believe that one does not need to know it all, only needs to know a few critical lessons which provide value. So, if you are not sure what provides value, we’ve got you covered. If you know it already, you are in the right place as well (didn’t know what to write).

Who are you to show me the path, you ask?

We are the team who did an MBA, worked for a Fortune 500 company for a couple of years, consulted with many business persons, and then started our own company. (lol :v , don’t even feel bad for lying…you think this a sign of a business person, let us know in the comments). Don’t worry, we’ll have business professionals, consultants, and normal people sharing ideas to get stuff done. Here you can learn more than a business college, that you can be sure of. We together will learn what business actually is and what successful business actually do #You’reWelcome.

So now as we are on the same page, literally, we hope you get more done, get more fun and make more money (give us a little) in the process.


Written By

Abhishekh Pathak

Keen eyes. Everything through a perspective.