Story of Rohit Bhatta


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Story of Rohit Bhatta

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15 Apr 2017

Rohit Bhatta, co-founder of the magazine named ‘Vanity’, young thriving media personnel and a firm believer of “You are the master of your own fate and captain of your destiny” has always been bold and optimistic and also has suggested others to do the same.

What factors have inclined you towards the world of entrepreneurship?

Having always been a social person, talking with strangers, and getting socially active was something that I was good at and enjoyed it too. In past days, I worked as a media person but it only was limited within my functional area but as soon as I realized about entrepreneurship, I connected with like-minded people who gave me an opportunity to transform my inner caliber into real life.

What is the one recommendation that you would want to give to the younger people out there?

Besides the philosophical ideas and references, the one thing I would recommend is to have strong networking. Trust me, networking has been a huge part of making my journey clearer. For this, we shouldn’t be reluctant to confront and converse with people.

How do you define yourselves?

More than an entrepreneur and a media person, I would love to call myself a starter and a human being on his journey to achieve his plans.

What is your satisfaction scale to date?

I am happy with what I am now. Being successful isn’t that easy. As a starter, I should be calm with what I am up to and what I have now without any fear of the future. The best thing that satisfies me is I have started my journey back then.

Do you have any serious incidents that created major impacts on your career?

There are some hubris I committed in my past days. My suicidal attempt, escaping from home to far places, getting aggressive with my family were some mistakes I did in my life. More than that, the demise of my mom when I was too young made a huge impact on my career. It made me more responsible and aware of my deeds and career.

As a young professional, what challenges have you had or still have to go through?

Challenges are always uncertain in reference to the future. But regarding my experiences to date, I had to go through a lot of setbacks and domination in past days. Being a young professional, people would take me lightly and didn’t care much about my work. Their notion was always conceptualizing my immature ability but I would answer these critics by kicking their ass with my work. As I am not a graduate it was always pulling me back from getting myself into starting something of my own, because of the fear of being judged and evaluated but since then I learned that working desire and determination works better than a college degree.

What messages would you like to convey to other youths?

It is neither too late nor too early to get started. The only thing that matters in life is dedication, hard work, and determination.

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