Story of Suman Neupane


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Story of Suman Neupane

Words by Sagar Prasain

01 Apr 2017

An honest and outspoken person who believes in working as long as you have the capacity for it, Suman Neupane, started his career at the age of 19 and has never stopped learning all his life. Former banker and now CEO of Green Hill City, Neupane is a person with a lot of experiences and insights both personally and professionally.

How did you get into real estate from banking?

I started my career at banking at age 19 and at 2010, I left the banking industry. As I walked out of there, I got an opportunity to work with an investment company located in Singapore; with a zeal to have a new experience I decided to work there and understand the way they do the business. After that, I started a remittance company in Sydney, Australia. Soon after that I went to work in renewal project energy in Dallas, USA. After all of this, I, along with my family returned back to Nepal. After I returned, I got the opportunity for Greenhill city and I came a board into the real estate business.

What kind of challenges are there in the real estate business?

Fulfilling the wish-lists of the people that will be residing in our homes is a challenge as every individual’s needs and preferences is different. Handling the culture-mix between the local community and the new community that is to reside there is a challenge as there is some amount of contrast between the two and building a harmonious relationship is much needed for a good quality of life for both the communities.

What do you look for in a person when you are hiring them?

There are a couple of things here to look at: Positional requirement is one of the major things here to look for as you cannot hire a doctor to solve issues of construction. The requirements for the position needs to be fulfilled by the individual. The next aspect I look into is the person’s outlook towards the work and perspectives about the world. A person with a negative outlook and perspective is a person that I absolutely am NOT looking for. The third is the attitude of that individual; the attitude in the sense that it should be affirmable towards the organizational culture for the betterment of both individual and the organization as a whole. An individual can bloom and deliver their potential and even more in the organization after they have soaked themselves in the organizational culture and values.

How can a person improve their communication skills?

The only rule is to speak your heart and mind out. Till I was doing my undergraduate I used to blush when I had to talk to a lady and public speaking was something that seemed impossible to me. Still, the nervousness lingers whenever I have to take a class or deliver a lecture UNTIL I start; as soon I start my mind and heart takes me over and I deliver smoothly. This happens as I speak out my heart and my mind; no fabrication in what I say and I speak honestly and in what I believe. It is difficult at first definitely, but as you practice over and over and deliver your speeches it will come as a no-brainer to you.

What’s your take on “are leaders born or made”?

A child when born is as an empty vessel and it is the environment that shapes the child. Take B.P. Koirala and King Mahendra for example. Had they not been brought up in the environment as they were, they might have been someone else. Environment plays a big part in all of this. I’ll share my own story here: As I said, I started working at the age of 19 in a bank but I was, am and will always be into painting and back then I had chosen banking as survival was at stake. Now, see, if situation had favored me then I could have pursued painting and become a painter. But, at the same time a person if enables self to become a competent person, that individual is bound to excel in any field.

Out of your experiences, what advice would you like to pass down to the younger generation out there?

You start off by answering the following two questions: What is your interest? What is important to you? Now, if your interest is working to earn money and that is the thing that is important for you, you get into a profession of your preference and it will give you what you need BUT if you are working on something out of the passion and love towards it, then do not chase money, go all in, leave the mentality of what other might think behind and how things will turn out to be. You will have hard times but you will never fail in what you have invested yourself completely into.


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