The Story of Storyteller


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The Story of Storyteller

Words by Sagar Prasain

08 Jul 2017

“Revealing the truth is like lighting a match. It can bring light or it can set your world on fire.”

The team being the passionate kind was more concerned about the value they were creating rather than the money that was being generated. The truth was a light bringer indeed. At this moment, he was proud and he had every reason to be so. The mistress is a stubborn one and would not leave him so easily. He was there and so was his team; but the mistress was pounding them hard with a single question, “WHAT NEXT?”

Times like these surely come; which is why he always has his Beatles story stacked up in his arsenal. The story has four members of The Beatles on their way to a gig. The climax comes when suddenly they drive themselves off the cliff. Three members are worried about the scenario while the remaining member asks to three, “Can we push the car uphill?” “Can we walk ourselves to the gig?” to which the three replies “no” to both the questions; the one asking the questions counters again stating “Then what is the point of worrying?” followed by another statement, “Something will happen”. He uses the story as he shares the same philosophy. He is constantly repeating the same statement: “Something will happen”.

The series of other few incidents continue to happen in his life until one incident again fires him up and makes him change his whole outlook and his mindset. The Storytellers had their sessions and in one of these sessions, he had a big personality speaking in the show. The person had well-deserved it; to share their story. What he wanted to do was give suggestions as to what can be incorporated into the story and what can be improvised. But at the same time, there was the risk of being pushy. Nonetheless, he thought, you definitely need to give it a shot and put forward what you feel would be better, which is what he did. To his amusement, the speaker gave a couple of replies like, “Is it so?” “I see what you are trying to say” “I love this idea of yours”. That was a moment of high spirits right there for him. He had realized that all the insights he had been giving were from a storytelling viewpoint and he had not been anywhere around the other person’s business which was why the speaker respected his insights. This made him realize even more that we are indeed humble people who respect each other’s field and instead of a backfire, the gesture was well-received by the other. To date, the gesture has never been a backfire.

This moment was a spark as well; as it made him reason with himself asking the question, “Why Stories?” This question though had been asked to him but he had never had the monologue with himself; a face to face with himself. The answer did not come right away and it’s not like he had not searched for it. But it is all about timing, isn’t it? A little after that one of his students comes to him and expresses his tendency of getting easily disappointed and demoralized. This tendency was not of one but of many which are why inspiring change was that important; change in the mentality and the attitude was that important. To make people believe that if you really want it; the desired thought is possible to transform into reality. Monologing he says, “To do the above is why I have chosen the medium of stories”.

“Stories are such powerful mediums that it can transform a person’s life and bring about a positive change in the most subtle and effective form”.

Knowing the “why” was now bugging him in different ways. He now, was constantly thinking and questioning himself, “Was the goal only to sustain?” “Was the vision only to get a brand name?” “Is break-even the revenue model you are settling for?” All of these questions had the same answer, “NO”. Now he knew the way of work needs to change and he needs to go all in.

“I realized, until and unless there is fire up your ass, the necessity to run an office space, pay salaries, handle it all; anything that you do will always be secondary.“

He quits his job and has decided to go all-in on the storytelling idea. With a sheer acceptance, he feels fortunate to have married his wife who wholeheartedly supports the initiation and agrees to join him on this. Now, he has a passionate team of 9 people that includes 6 of his students, his wife, 2 new members, and himself to get the wheels rolling. The idea of going all-in scares him as he feels he has the responsibility to take care of this beautiful team. He is further scared on this as there is no reference to take inspiration from; now because he has gone all in the only breadwinner is his idea. Also, being a pioneer in this field, paving the path is always the hardest but again at times like these, he reloads his arsenal and fuels himself through the Beatles story.

Sitting on the windowsill yet again with the night accompanying him he walks through the journey that he has made and reminds himself that he is in this passionately and that passion is DANGEROUS; as 20-ythe ear-old version of him was passionate about music; 3 years after he was passionate about advertising and marketing; along came the passion that he never thought would exist which was teaching and now he has pivoted into storytelling. He reminds himself not to think that this is it; there sure are more passions to come.

Going all in he is trying to build a storytelling culture and cover all the avenues of storytelling. If anybody comes with a clear, honest, and humble approach to work in building this culture together and inspires change he welcomes it wholeheartedly; BUT if the ill intention is tagged along then he and his team prefer rather stay small than go big.

He is Prashanta Manandhar and this is the story of the storyteller.

“Inspiration is so elusive that you never know when and where it is going to hit you. And that small spark of elusiveness can actually bring out a powerful story within you with a power to further inspire many. Be wary because there are so many stories waiting to be crafted. Because its never too late to craft your own story.”

Prashanta Manandhar, The Storytellers


Written By

Sagar Prasain

Doing things, one way or another.